Pulse Fitness is a world class health and fitness centre located in Accra. We provide innovative wellness programs and strategies for all our clients who are predominantly corporate business men and women Our unique approach to health is to emphasize prevention and good health promotion, as opposed to reacting to health care crisis when it has already occurred and too late deal with.

Why Choose Pulse Fitness?

You’re not just joining a gym, you’re joining a CLUB.

We know what people need to be physically and mentally fit. So within our fitness centre you can expect expert health advice through our highly skilled staff, who share a genuine passion for helping people achieve their health and fitness goals.

We also give our clients monthly fitness assessments to show the progress of their hardwork. We have an extensive range of studio classes, including spinning (Basic and Advanced), Pilates, Bootcamp, Body pump, Kickboxing and Ab Attack among others.

You’re not just joining a gym, you’re joining a FITNESS CENTRE


We have:

  • A well-renowned weight management specialist
  • An experienced physiotherapist
  • A very well-equipped Spa
  • 2 Healthy Smoothie and Snack bars


We are situated in Prime locations in Accra; The World Trade Centre, Accra. Close to the National Theatre and Lizzy Sports Complex, East Legon. Registration at either branches gives access to both facilities!

Every member is supported and receives due attention from all the instructors for NO EXTRA CHARGES and receives fitness reviews based on their fitness level, goals and motivations.

Our club is designed to be the best place you can progressively achieve lifestyle and weight management goals.

Please visit our gym and receive the warm welcome you deserve; we are sure that you will not be disappointed.

Don’t just take our word for it, come and see for yourself!

We are confident that we can provide for all of your health and fitness needs