An amazing corporate program that brings the gym right to the premise of your company!! The 1st of its kind in Africa!!

No traffic, no time wasted and at your convenience to get as many of your staff involved as possible, Pulse Fitness offers you- SPIN2FIT!!

Burn up to a 1000 calories within 45 -60 mins whiles having fun like never before with your own colleagues!!
Book for your sessions now!!

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Think of Increased concentration span, physical fitness, alertness, self defence, weight control, inceeased confidence and respect for others!

The human body was made to move and children understand this best. To run,  jump and simply get breathless!

Here children come together to learn,  make great friends and develop lifelong skills while exercising their entire bodies.
It's a great place to channel all the youthful energy!

Come Now to get your ward Registered!

The fee is for 3 whole months and sessions run
Tuesdays & Thursdays:
4pm -5pm for children btn 4 n 7yrs
5pm -6pm for children 8yrs and above

10-11am for children btn 4 n 7yrs
11am -12noon for children 8yrs and above

*Choose any 2 convenient sessions per week.